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Barber French Associates was established over ten years ago, to meet the demand for a cost-effective outsourced finance and accounting solution for two local SMEs. The model was designed so that these growing businesses didn’t need to take on the fixed overhead and risk of an internal finance team. But the model worked so well that further clients soon came on board. This outsourced finance team model is at the heart of our business. With growth has come other bespoke services such as stand-alone payroll bureau services for larger companies. Equally, personal recommendations from our SME clients to their contacts has meant big growth in self-assessments for sole-traders. The two local SMEs we started with are still valued clients to this day.

We have grown from one person (Debbie) working on her own on a laptop at home, to a team of six, all with our own commercial experience and expertise. Having worked from a more traditional office for the last three years, with Covid, we are now working from home again, but with a plan to evolve into a more hybrid office in 2021. We will have a hot-desk set-up for the team to use when needed, with a meeting room to host client meetings, but retaining a significant level of working from home that became more common in 2020.

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